In the Mirror

Three autobiographical performances

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Anna Chen

Lucy Sheen

Veronica Needa

9-12 November 2011


In the mirror back Veronica

Three British women, whose lives have been deeply influenced by challenges of bi-cultural identity East and West, created performances which revealed their stories. Entertaining as well as moving, these stories have something to say to everyone in multicultural Britain.

Every show also created an opportunity for a conversation with the audience, so that curiosity could be satisfied, resonances shared, and cultural differences negotiated.


There Are Two Perfectly Good Me(s): One Dead, the Other Unborn 
by Lucy Sheen

Lucy Sheen was adopted by an English family. Her Chinese roots were never discussed or disclosed to her until her adulthood. Growing up in England, questioning her identity has been challenging and necessary, with layers of revelation. This is a play in development, and will be followed by a post-show chat with the audience.

(A work-in-development)

Anna May Wong Must Die!                                                                              
by Anna Chen

Broadcaster, journalist  & blogger Madam Miaow, Anna Chen takes us on a personal journey through the life of Hollywood’s first Chinese superstar. This work is a performative development of her BBC Radio 4 programme ‘A Celestial Star in Piccadilly’. Anna’s work is characterized by her wit & sharp insights, with a few songs thrown in for good measure and entertainment. This show is followed by a post-show chat with the audience.

(A work-in-development)


by Veronica Needa
(Performed in English & Cantonese)

grandma story 1 FACE handscropped IMG_0801Through a series of vignettes, Veronica tells stories of her Eurasian experience both here in the UK and in Hong Kong, her birthplace. Originally directed by Shu Wing Tang in Hong Kong, it has toured Asia and Europe since its commission by the HK Arts Centre in 1998.

“I loved your show it was one of the most memorable and touching performances I have seen in a long while” Loretta 

This latest incarnation is performed bilingually in English & Cantonese suitable for mono-lingual speakers of either language, and is in two parts.

First Veronica tells her story, and then in the second half she chats with the audience through the medium of playback theatre (improvisational theatre facilitating audience dialogue) with members of True Heart Theatre joining her onstage.

 “A production of universal appeal, in essence it is about anyone trying to get to the heart of themselves and finally finding their place.”   (South China Morning Post, Hong Kong)