Moon Play

October 2006

Moon Play

Arts Depot

Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley NG12 0GA

A Chinese community play to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival


True Heart Theatre



What does the moon mean to us? Mysterious, large, precious, round pearl in the night sky.

moon ladyIts harvest time and we are reminded of Chang O, the Lady of the Moon, and her husband, the Great Archer, who shot down the 9 suns. It is also time for Moon Cakes and secret messages…..

月亮帶給我們什麼意思? 神秘, 大型, 珍貴, 像珍珠般掛在夜空.

這是人月兩團圓及說說嫦娥以及她的丈夫,射下九個太陽的神射手–后羿的故事。 同時也是吃月餅及打開藏於餅內秘密信息的日子!?

spiralA Chinese community play to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Devised by members of the Adult Drama Group, the Youth Group, and volunteers from the Camden Chinese Community Centre & London (overseas) Chinese School in Colindale.

Three short plays were created in three different styles of presentation to show the story and real meaning behind the Mid-Autumn Festival under the guidance of theatre professionals Wing Hong Li, Kumiko Mendl, Veronica Needa, Kwong Loke & Jing Wong.

In English and Cantonese.

Moon Play pic


Moon Play was then followed after the interval by True Heart’s Playback Theatre team to enable the audience to tell about their own real experiences of the Moon Festival.