Anisha Pucadyil

Anisha has been acting and singing in choirs through school and college and part of founding a music circle ‘Coeur Crescendo’ back in India. After her Masters In Psychology, she has been involved in implementing various projects for government, non-government and corporate organizations for early introduction of the Arts to children and for the community for more than a decade. During the pandemic, she discovered all her passions of community engagement, music, theatre and self-reflection crafted expertly in playback theatre. She trained with Citylamps playback theatre and performs online with the team every month for various communities and collaborations. She helped organize and performed in an online ensemble ACT playback theatre. She has also trained as a listening guide and volunteers for hosting online Open Space events. She performs regularly with improv teams such as the all women’s Road trip bonanza, Tooth Fairy Conspiracy and also Tiny Dinos, Noir ICB among others. Since moving to London, she is volunteering with teaching theatre games to teenagers at Fame star youth, which focuses on creating a safe space for the BAME community.