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True Heart offers Playback Theatre performances and workshops by invitation for special events. Talk to us. 





Our Special Saturdays in 2020!

22 February

28 March

25 April

30 May

27 June

25 July

15 August

2.45pm for a 3pm start


The University of East London, University Square Stratford
1 Salway Road, London E15 1NF

Everyone is welcome to our Special Saturdays! Its an opportunity for us to have a friendly, easy time of being together and meeting each other in a playful, creative way.

We have to capacity to work in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, so come along if you speak any one of those languages.

We are interested in generating Joy and Connection – what the world needs more of NOW!

And if you can, bring something to share with everybody at teatime…

It would help us know how many will be coming so do email us to let us know… info@trueheart.org.uk



Tea and storytelling of a special kind…

In 2015 third Sundays in February, June & October at ESSEX CHURCH

3pm – 5.30pm 22 February, 21 June, 18 October

Venue: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

(a very short walk from Notting Hill Gate tube)

Here is a MAP to find Essex Church in Notting Hill Gate

Cost: Free (by donation) & we welcome you to bring something to share at tea-time

Booking: info@trueheart.org.uk




地點:Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT(從諾丁山門地鐵站步行一分鐘),請參考地圖。



DSCF2087Afternoons of surprise & delight with Playback Theatre!

Since its beginnings in 2006, London’s own Chinese-led True Heart Theatre has been regularly performing Playback Theatre on the third Sundays of most months in a variety of venues as our service to the community.  DSC_7286Our events have created an opportunity for people from all cultures, across generations and languages, to meet each other through a heart-full exchange of real-life stories and experiences.

More about Playback Theatre HERE


自2006年開演以來,由中國人牽頭的倫敦真心劇院,在多月份的第三個星期日,定期於不同場地舉行《重播劇場》,為社區服務。 這些活動為來自不同文化背景、跨年代、跨語言的人們,提供交流真實生活故事和經驗的機會。

點擊 這裡 閱讀有關《重播劇場》的更多資料

mVenue: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

(a very short walk from Notting Hill Gate tube)

Cost 費用: Free (by donation) & we welcome you to bring something to share at tea-time  免費(歡迎捐款),請自備茶點分享

Booking 預訂:: info@trueheart.org.uk

地點:Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT(從諾丁山門地鐵站步行一分鐘)

True Heart Theatre is a

Group Member of the International Playback Theatre Network

& Company Partner of the Centre for Playback Theatre (New York, USA)

Dates in 2014 were…


21 September


18 May


19 January


Our Living Stories pic 18 May 201418 May Blog: Our Living Stories performance at Essex Church in Notting Hill Gate was a warm heart- & mind-expanding experience for all.
The first story was of the recent suicide of good friend. Someone with a psychiatric condition, he chose not to live a half life on drugs. Refusing to take them, his last weeks led him to suicide or was it a liberation? Our teller is not angry with his friend for this choice.
Our second story honoured those in our families who are the silent, almost invisible ones who do the menial work and are often overlooked. They endure so that others may live sweetly.
Our third story celebrated a mother who refused to accept death or anything less than freedom to live a full life in the face of pogroms and borders.
Very different life choices that hold a light to our own.
Our stories took us around the world. Thank you London for bringing such a diverse audience together for a rich gathering and exchange.
Yummy Chinese dinner for some of us afterwards in Queensway, round the corner!




故事二:  是為了紀念我們家庭裡那些沉默、不顯眼的成員,他們做操勞的工作,而且經常被忽視。他們忍受著這種生活,使其他人可以安逸地生活。