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On Playback Theatre

Jonathan Fox writes about Playback Theatre as ‘a path to integrity’

Jo Salas gives a TEDx talk on ‘everyone has a story ‘

An article by Tim Reagan in the Friends Journal (August 2012) on Playback Theatre & Quaker values

 Courses on Playback Theatre available in the UK – SPT UK

How important it is to create opportunities for many & more stories to be told, shared, heard…

A TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Synopsis of FAMBUL TOK – a documentary film made about how victims and perpetratrators of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war came together in a revival of traditional truth-telling forgiveness ceremonies.

Trailer for the Film FAMBUL TOK


Theatre as a tool for empathic understanding

MaD Talks are the Hong Kong equivalent of TED talks (MaD=Making a Difference)

Hjalmar, a community-based theatre activist, presented  at MaD 2012. Although in this talk he speaks principally of Forum Theatre – another form of participatory theatre with similarities and differences to Playback Theatre – the work that AHRRDO (Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization) does in Kabul, most certainly involves Playback. In fact a lot of their transformational work in the field of Transitional Justice particularly, is most effectively done with Playback Theatre. What he says here about Community-based theatre and EMPATHY applies to both Forum as well as Playback. Good man!

A MaD 2012 Talk – Hjalmar Jorge JOFFRE-EICHHORN: Act with Empathy


The Freedom Bus 

In the Palestinian context, Playback Theatre has found greatest utility in its application for collective trauma response and grassroots political advocacy.

See here about The Freedom Bus


You make the difference

Books & E-books to support personal and group development,

Kay Kay has a lot of really useful experience to share



The International School of Storytelling

Newsletter No. 12 October 2013

About ‘Everything Under the Sun Festival of Storytelling’

with keynote speaker Ben Okri


London Chinatown Oral History Project